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Agent Partner Page

Commission Split

1 %
AG Corporate
1 %
AG Commercial Group Office
1 %
RTP Commercial

Remaining Commission

1 %

The remaining 80% commission will be split with one of the following three plans.

Our Plans

Listing Referral

Referring Agent 25%  / RTP Commercial Team Member 75%

Buyer/Lease Referral

Referring Agent 20% / RTP Commercial Team Member 80%

Learn and Earn Partnership

Agent Partner 50% / RTP Commercial Team Member 50% (Agent must be able and willing to do 50% of the work)

Mentorship Service

Agent Partner 75% / RTP Commercial Team Member 25%

(This would be if an agent at the office has demonstrated proficiency in commercial but wants the assistance of a RTP Commercial team member to oversee and advise on the transaction, the agent partner would complete the transaction and the Resimercial team member would act as an advisor)

An agent would have to do a minimum of 5 transactions through the Learn and Earn Partnership and complete training (certification) to be able to work on deals by themselves.